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Orito Clinic @Yurakucho-Ginza-Hibiya Area

formerly Kioicho Ladies Clinic

Gynecological and Obstetrical Clnic @Chiyoda City, Tokyo

directly connected to the Exit C9 of Ginza Station (Marunouchi Line)


  • February 23, 2024: Due to lack of English speaking staffs, we are limiting NEW foreign patients WHO CAN NOT SPEAK JAPANESE AT ALL to:
    -patients who do not have (use) a Japanese hokensho (health insurance card).
    -patients who are pregnant (even if you have a Japanese hokensho, all or most of the medical services are 自費診療 not applicable for partial coverage under the Japanese health insurance system.
    Even if you call us, the staffs can not speak English. You can inquire over the phone only if you apply to the above (agree even if the medical services are not applicable for partial coverage), as the doctor has to take the phone.
    The reason:
    Recently, there was a comment (complaint) with a star posted in Google. She was right. It was due to lack of English proficiency of the reception staffs.
  • February 5, 2024: The clinic is very crowded on Saturday. If you are a gynecological patient (not pregnant), we may ask you not to be accompanied by your partner at the waiting room.
  • August 17, 2023: While it is very hot, the automatic door of the basement floor connected to the Exit C9, Ginza Station, Marunouchi Line is not open until 9:30. If you wish to enter the basement between 9:00 and 9:30, please enter from the service gate and entrance of the first floor. We appreciate your patience.
    basement entrancedown the stairs; the automatic door opens at 9:30
    first floor service gate and entrancethe service gate and entrance of the first floor; distant view
    first floor service gate and entrancethe service gate and entrance of the first floor; near view
  • August 17, 2023: We will adopt a new payment system as well as a new electronic medical record system.
    Currently, we accept payment over 3,000 yen by credit card. From September, provided that you register your credit card number after making your account in the new system, DigiSma Shinryo.
  • Autust 17, 2023: We will adopt a new booking management system for the appointments from September 1. Timeframes will be 15 minutes, not 30 minutes. While we try to call you within each timeframe of appointments, we may not be able to do so when we are very crowded.

  • If you have visited the clinic already, the information you input (name in katakana and birthday) must match exactly with the information as registered in the medical record. Otherwise, the new system will not recognize. If you are not sure how to spell your name in katakana, you do not have to use the new system. When you come, we will let you know.
    -You do not need to make an account nor register your credit card number if you just need to make an appointment.
    -"初診" first time consultiion; "再診" follow-up consultation

  • February 24, 2023: Due to the limited English proficiency of our staffs, it may be difficult to communicate in English over the phone. You can make an appointment with short message service. The doctor is able to reply in email.
  • July, 2022: We are now able to perform abortion procedures up to 11 weeks of pregnancy
  • May, 2022: We moved to a new location. Kioicho Ladies Clinic was renamed Orito Clinic
  • Details of Consultation


    Gynecology and Obstetrics. See below for the details.

    Reception Hours

    reception hours
    Effective from March, 2024
    We close earlier on some days.
    Please check the consultation calendar.
    We are closed on Thursday, Sunday, and the Japanese National Holidays.

    Payment method for consultation fees applicable for partial coverage under the Japanese health insurance system (保険診療; hoken shinryo):
    1. cash
    2. credit card (VISA or Master) if the amount is greater than 3,000 yen
    The receipt is in Japanese. If you need an English receipt, we will calculate as the medical services not covered under the Japanese health insurance system.

    We NEVER issue a document in English for the purpose of reimbursement of your payment (usually 30% of the total fee) by your private health insurance. If you need to be reimbursed by Chapka, for example, the medical services must NOT be covered at all under the Japanese health insurance system.

    The official language in Japan is Japanese and the small amount that you pay does not include a document in English for this purpose. If this untolerable demand is repeated, we will not see foreign patients as a medical service under the Japanese health insurance system.

    Payment method for consultation fees applicable for partial coverage under the Japanese health insurance system (自由診療; jiyu shinryo):
    1. cash
    2. credit card for any amount

    The bilingual receipt of Japanese and English will be issued.

    Consultation Schedule (Closure Days)

    calendar May, 2024

    Please check the time reception closed on Saturday afternoon.

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    How to Go (The New Location Since June, 2022)

    directly connected to the Exit C9 of Ginza Station (Marunouchi Line)
    close to Yurakucho Station (Chuo (central) Exit, JR Yamanote Line)
    close to Yurakucho Station (Yurakucho Line): D8 Exit (stairs); D7 exit (elevator); 5 minutes
    map in English
    map in Japanese

    Building: Ginza Inz 1 (one)
    Floor: Basement
    Address: 0 (zero) Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006
    Address in Japanese:
     銀座インズ1 地階(地下1階)

    When you search for Ginza Inz 1 in the internet, the address
    “Chuo-ku Ginza-Nishi 3 chome 1 banchi saki”
    “中央区  銀座西   3丁目    1番地先”
    will be listed, but this Ginza-Nishi address also refers to the same location.

    This building is on the border of Chiyoda-ku and Chuo-ku.

    Please wash hands before you enter the clinic. The restroom is behind the entrance. Please take off shoes after you enter the clinic. Please wear the slippers.

    Old Address:
    3-29 Kioicho
    Kioi Royal Heights #204
    Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0094
    旧住所:〒102-0094 東京都千代田区紀尾井町3-29 紀尾井ロイヤルハイツ204
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    How to Contact and Visit

    Please let us know as well:

  • your nationality (to know your mother language)
  • if you have a hokensho (Japanese health insurance card)
  • the type of consultation

  • Please understand that as the clinic is located in Japan, where the official language is Japanese, our clerk is not fluent in English.
    You can visit without an appointment, but we prioritize the patients with an appointment.
    When we are crowded, we may not be able to call you to the consultation room within the time frame of your appointment.

    You can inquire and make an appointment by the following methods:

    1. sending a short message to 070-2636-8927; we try to reply within one consultation days.
    2. sending an e-mail to oritoclinic‹at› (.to refers to Tonga); please replace ‹at› with "@"; we try to reply within two consultation days. Please make sure that your email server (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) does NOT reject our email address with .to domain. (TONGA DOMAIN)
    3. call us at 03-6666-5505; please understand that there is a limit to the English skill of our clerks.
    4. オンライン予約システム利用


    Not unless you are confident that you can input your name correctly, that is, EXACTLY same as written in your health insurance card, please do NOT use this online booking system. When you arrive at the clinic, if the name input in the system (your account) is INCORRECT, we have to ask you to correct the account information. Instead, you can inquire by short message or email (below).

    The system distinguishes アイウエオ ァィゥェォ ヤユヨ ャュョ, etc.
    The system distinguishes CAPITAL and lowercase letters.
    Sometimes, the "kanji name" in katakana is incorrectly spelled in the health insurance card, but you have to input AS WRITTEN in the card. Sometimes, the first name comes first, etc. Persons in charge at corporations often incorrectly register foreigners' names, to our regret.

      To download the smartphone application, please click here.

      If you wish prescription by post/mail:
      Please choose #99【オンライン診療】いつもの処方; prescription by post/mail
      You need our approval. You can receive the medication (pills) by post/mail

    Our Medical Services (detailed)


    Fees and Tests

    -Consultation Fee/ 25,000 - 33,000 yen; depends on how long the consultation takes place; +5,500 yen in the evening (from 6:00 pm) and on Saturday
    -Transvaginal ultrasonography (echography): fibroid; adenomyosis; ovarian cysts; follicles/ 15,400 yen
    - Pap smear (cervical cancer screening test)/ 5,500 yen
    - HPV test: selected/ 8,800 yen
    - vaginal fluid tests: bacteria, yeast/ candida, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, etc./ 5,500- yen
    - urine tests: pregnancy test; urinary tract infection/ cystitis screening
    - blood tests: hormones/ 15,400 yen
    - blood tests: infectious diseases: HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis/ 9,900yen
    -Tumor Markers:CA125, CA19-9, SCC
    - other blood tests such as Herpes

    In Japan, surgeons see the breast cancer. At this clinic, we decline to be consulted about the breast cancer. We can provide information about the clinic with ultrasound on breast and thyroid cancers at Akasaka, where there is an English speaking doctor.

    The above fees are for patients not holding a valid Japanese health insurance card.

    We can not do advanced tests on infertility.


  • birth control pills
  • emergency contraceptive pill
  • , etc.
  • We do not prescribe ovulation stimulants such as clomifene citrate.
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    Affiliated Hospitals

    In Japan, we can refer you to any hospital. However, to my greatest regret, there are only a few hospitals where you can communicate well in English. We will be happy to choose a hospital when necessary.

  • Seibo (International Catholic) Hospital @Naka-ochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (聖母病院)
  • The University of Tokyo Hospital @Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo(東京大学医学部附属病院)
  • Juntendo University Hospital @Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (順天堂大学医学部附属順天堂医院)
  • The National Center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM) Hospital @Toyama, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (国立国際医療研究センター病院)
  • Japanese RED CROSS Medical Center (@Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) (日本赤十字社医療センター)
  • Sanno Hospital (@Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo)(San + noh with long o; 山王病院)
    English HP

  • Jikei University Hospital @Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo (東京慈恵会医科大学附属病院)
  • abortion

    We perform abortion procedures up to 11 weeks of pregnancy. Please ask for the details.

    OBSTETRICS (Prenatal Checkups)

    With transvaginal ultrasound, we can see the gestational sac from 5 weeks of pregnancy. You can accompany anyone including your husband, partner, family members to the consultation room.
    The fee during early pregnancy is around 15,000-20,000 yen.

    We observe the fetal heartbeat from mid-6 weeks of pregnancy. After observing the fetal heartbeat, you go to nearby health center (保健所) or ward/ minicipal office (区役所・市役所). You will receive a MCH (maternal and child health) Handbook (母子健康手帳) and coupons.

    We accept the coupons for the residents of Tokyo.
    We offer prenatal checkups until 34 weeks of pregnancy.
    We do not have a facility for delivery. From around 34 weeks, you visit the hospital where you will deliver.

    Prenatal checkups under the semiopen system

    Nowadays, there are hospitals which make a contract with clinics under the so-called semi-open system.



  • Seibo (International Catholic) Hospital (聖母病院)
    @Naka-ochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
    epidural anesthesia available
    delivery fee from 690,000 yen
    Detailed information on deliveries under epidural anesthesia (in Japanese).

  • Aiiku Hospital (愛育病院)
    @Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo
    epidural anesthesia available 7 days a week/ 24 hours a day
    delivery fee from (under inquiry) yen
    If you are not fluent in Japanese, you can ask for an epidural anesthesia.
    You need to make a visit at the outpatient clinic of the hospital and hear the explanation about the epidural anesthesia.

  • Sanno Hospital (San + noh with long o; 山王病院)
    @Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
    epidural anesthesia as means of scheduled/ planned/ induced delivery
    In the daytime, an interpreter for English may be available. However, they do not refuse the foreigners based on the Japanese proficiency.
    English HP
    Women's Health Center; OB/GYN department HP

    Note: Sanno Birth Center is a separate institution. We do not have affiliation.

  • The University of Tokyo Hospital @Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (東京大学医学部附属病院)
    epidural anesthesia available; you can register even if you are delivering at another hospital
    Separate website for the Perinatal Center

  • Juntendo University Hospital @Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (順天堂大学医学部附属順天堂医院)
    epidural anesthesia available

  • Keio University Hospital @Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (慶應義塾大学病院)
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